Dental Services

Dr. Worthington and the staff of Worthington Family Dentistry, P.C. are dedicated to providing all patients with the highest level of dental care in Valdosta, GA. Our goal is to not only provide every member of your family with quality dental care, but also make sure you have the information and tools you need to understand your dental health. As a general dentistry practice, we will address all of your concerns about your oral health from baby teeth to preserving your smile as you age. We focus on preventative and restorative dentistry services, to not only help your maintain you smile, but also improve your dental health.

We are proud to offer the following dental services:

Dental Check-ups:

To maintain a healthy smile, you and your family need to have check-ups every six months.  These appointments will include thorough head and neck exams, oral exams, and cancer screenings by Dr. Worthington, along with gentle cleanings by our talented hygiene staff.

Tooth-Colored Fillings:

Small to medium cavities and blemishes can be treated using the latest in composite resin fillings. These are beautiful metal (and mercury) free fillings that match the natural color of your teeth.  Composite fillings actually bond to the collagen fibers in your teeth, making a strong restoration that is less sensitive to temperature changes. Composites offer a faster, less expensive alternative to porcelain restorations.

Digital Radiography:

Digital radiography is a form of x-ray imaging, where small sensors are used instead of traditional film. Advantages include time efficiency through bypassing chemical processing and the ability to enhance images. Our office uses digital intraoral “x-rays”. These images provide the clearest view of your tissues while exposing your tissues to the lowest amount of radiation possible.

Tooth Whitening:

If you’ve always wanted a whiter, brighter smile, we provide a free esthetics consultation as a part of your semi-annual exams. You will have several whitening options, including the revolutionary Zoom 2 laser procedure and a variety of other take-home products, ensuring our ability to achieve your desired goals quickly and comfortably.

Dental Crowns & Veneers

Porcelain crowns and veneers represent the pinnacle of dental esthetics and strength. These are used to restore larger lesions and fractures. Crowns and veneers are much stronger than fillings, and if properly maintained, they can last a lifetime.

With porcelain restorations, we can accomplish the greatest esthetics for any cosmetic desires you have for your smile.

Hospital Dentistry:

Dr. Worthington is on staff at South Georgia Medical Center. We offer dental care in a hospital setting for patients who have extensive medical risks, mental handicaps, or other considerations that make traditional dental care in the office impossible. Hospital care begins with a thorough exam conducted in our office, during which time the extents of your dental needs are identified and a treatment plan developed. The treatment is them performed under general anesthesia, with a licensed anesthesiologist in the hospital.

Nitrous Gas:

This is a crowd favorite. Nitrous (laughing gas) is the oldest form of anesthetic and is very safe. Within a few breaths after being taken off the gas, all of the medication is out of your system, without you feeling “hung over”. Nitrous use is not meant to render you unconscious. Instead, it puts you at ease and makes you incredibly happy to be at the dentist.

Root Canals:

When the pulp of a tooth begins to die, for whatever reason, it will become infected and cause pain. If such a tooth is to be restored, the pulp and all related infection must be removed. This is done via a root canal. We utilize the latest in rotary instrumentation. This means that root canals are done in a third of the time with much less discomfort. All teeth that have had root canals must be restored within a few weeks with crowns and possibly other retentive features (posts and core buildups). Failure to do so will result in the eventual fracture of and loss of the tooth, root canal and all.


In worst-case situations, teeth may not be able to be restored. We realize that dental extractions are the most feared of all dental procedures. Dr. Worthington’s gentle touch allows him to perform extractions on most patients of all ages.

Dentures and Partials:

We provide premium dentures and partials. Custom healing dentures are provided at no additional cost for patients receiving extractions. All adjustments are also complimentary.


Bridge work is a traditional means of replacing a missing tooth. This is still a preferred method of replacing a tooth, particularly if the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth also have dental concerns. Bridges are porcelain and have all of the durability and esthetic beauty of porcelain crowns and bridges.


We offer a range of orthodontic treatment options including traditional braces, and Invisalign for both youth and adults. You can have your entire mouth treated or we can focus on treating a more localized issue.

We are also happy to complete treatment started in another office, for those who have recently moved to the area with treatment already started. Free consultations and a host of financing options are available.


Implants are a great option for missing teeth. Patients in dentures can have mini implants placed under their existing or new dentures. The dentures will then snap on to the implants, which hold them in place. No more pastes or slipping dentures. These implants are designed for use even for patients with major bone lose, and have saved many patients the added expense and discomfort associated with bone grafts and other pre-implant surgery. For patients only missing one or a few teeth implants by far offer the most natural and conservative treatment option. The cost is compatible with a bridge or partial, but the results are much prettier, without the need of grinding on adjacent teeth that maybe perfectly fine.

Dental Care You Can Trust in Valdosta, GA & Beyond

Since 2001, Worthington Family Dentistry, P.C. has provided premium dental care for families and individuals in Valdosta, GA and beyond. We are dedicated to helping patients of all ages achieve healthy smiles and great dental health for life. We are proud to provide services for military families.

For more information about our services, our dental practice, or for general questions, please give us a call at 229-242-0063 today! We look forward to welcoming you to our patient family.